The memoir of Mrs.Terao

On the journey to Hokkaido 1995

My late husband had been welcomed to COARA after his retirement.
I had been aware of that he enjoyed his pleasant days by joining personal computer communication and Internet as well. Thanks to Mr.Matsumura's favor, I had a chance to read "A Personal Record of Hiroshima A-bomb Survival" for the first time in my life. I am now in a deep and grave emotion by reading it.

We bereaved family were of course aware of the fact that late husband spent his school days in Hiroshima and was exposed to A-bomb. But we have never heard of his unforgettable, unshakable, and vivid account until now after 50 years of the war.
He used to say "Yes, there are many teachers all around the prefecture, but nobody can be more blessed with excellent students than I was." Or, "I am happy because I am blessed with marvelous seniors, juniors, and family." He must have believed that his latter 50 years was just like the crystal of his whole life.
By reading the Memoir, I again realize those phrases could have come out of his mouth, despite his hard memory of the past, only because he firmly believed so. I feel as if I have heard again the cry of his soul.
I believe my late husband will surely be eased under the ground for the first time ever, if as many people as possible, regardless age, not to speak of the bereaved family, have a time to contemplate the value of peace.


Yasuko Terao

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