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On June 20th, 1996, Mr.Terao passed away.

He suffered from atom bombing at the age of twenty. Since then he lived through bitter times for 51 years with deep emotional scars and anxiety of physical radioactive after-effects.

He always communicated with us in a warm smile at the time I was a high school student twenty years ago and at recent monthly COARA off-line meetings.

Five years ago in August he quietly started to talk about "A personal record of A-bomb survival." How strongly we COARA members were shocked is described in the main text.

only a year before when Mr.Terao's memoir was released or the same year the Gulf War broke out, I read Mrs.Uratsuka's memoir of her experience with student mobilization. " Her memoir taught me how vivid and intense memory the students still have who actually experience the war.

After the Terao memoir, Mr.Ashikari and Mr. Kawabe posted their experiences of the war on COARA in 1991. Those postings were read thoroughly by young COARA members who responded them in earnest.

Quotation from the Terao memoir:

No more. I don't want to see again such a hell on earth. I don't like even recall it. This is the limit I can post. (part 3)

Let me say the last word: It is now the peaceful world. We live in affluence with freedom of speech and material. I often feel strange why I am still alive? I may be probably "made alive." I only have the sense of thanks, no complaint or dissatisfaction. I always appreciate the society. I wish I can give something back to the society. (part 3)

I am quite relieved.
This feeling may come from my satisfaction that I have achieved my posting of the memoir by three sections. I have told my experience as a Hibakusha(the Exposed) of Hiroshima A-bomb. It is now time to forget. (part4)

Yes, already 46 years since then, indeed. I appreciate peace of today. Never repeat it,please.
I was made survived until today. I owe to the times. I am happy if I can answer for it by a suitable way. (part 4)

I am, by myself, astonished by the unexpected size of the responses.
But I am now relieved by posting my memoir and many people have learned even a bit of the fact. At he same time, I am ashamed of myself for not having the courage for 46 years. (part5)

Now, I appeal again: NEVER AGAIN SUCH A THING. (part 5)

We have heard many times about "The war experience" through various kinds of media, but never did such a story squeezed out from the bottom of heart and based upon the actual experience. Now Mr. Terao passed away. He had once said "It is bitter, but I must hand down my experience to the next generation." I hold his will in high regard and post it on WWW as his legacy. I wish that the memoir be read by as many a person as possible.

The Terao memoir was born in the personal computer communication, one of the interactive group media. The media was a pioneer of the coming Hyper Network Society whose nucleus is the Internet. I believe we have to hand down the deep emotion born in the interactive communication based upon the "live information" as a monument toward the new information society.

Ryoji Matsumurairesponsible for planning and productionj

The memoir of Mrs.Terao

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