Impressions of the pupils on "The Terao memoir" 1

The sixth grade pupils of Taihaku Sendai Municipal Elementary School, sent from Ms. Junko Yamasaki, the teacher in charge of the class, as of September 1997.

I am a teacher of Sendai Municipal Taihaku Junior school.

I came up to the home page of "A Personal Record of Hiroshima A-bomb Survival(The Terao Memoir)" in last August. I introduced it to my class pupil of the sixth grade in September.
Hey had been leaning about A-bomb by reading "Verses of Hiroshima" by Hiroyuki Imanishi. My pupil, it seemed, couldn't believe that the tragedy actually took place in Japan. But after reading your home page, many pupil realized that it was a fact and wrote their impressions.
I promised my pupil to send their messages to you, but unfortunately I had had no time to do that before they graduated.

Below are the impressions of the pupils, written in last September.

# Although I have never seen actual war or A-bomb, I have thoroughly learned them by reading the Terao Memoir. I am happy that I was not born 50 years ago. (Yoshiaki)

# I realized the horror of an A-bomb by reading the Memoir.(Yuuji)

# I can't imagine how seriously Mr. Terao got a scar in a short time on his eyelid. It must have been so strong and momentary that he had no time to feel the pain. A-bomb is really terrible, because people get by the same sick just by being soaked in the A-bomb rain. Mr. Terao said that he was not so noticeable despite he was wrapped with bondage in his head. I believe this means there were many other people who were much more seriously injured. I am too young to fully comprehend what happened at that moment, but I feel such a thing shouldn't happen again. (Chiaki)

# When I heard the experience of Mr. Terao, I felt war was so horrible and disgusting. I can't believe it. I have heard about war and A-bomb without any special feeling till today, but now I realized how horrible the actual A-bomb was. When compared with those days, I feel we are really happy now. (Yuka)

# A-bomb is really horrible, killing so many people. I can understand how Mr. Terao survived it. He must have felt to kill himself when he saw nothing but scattered corpses. I am surprised to read Mr. Terao's courage to publish his experience on the web. I want to create a world without war. (Hironori)

# Just a single drop of A-bomb is enough to kill tens and hundreds thousands people. I really felt the horror of it. I also realized how cruel creature man is. Why people make a war? (Mai)

# I felt whatever the reason was, A-bomb shouldn't have used. (Hiroyuki)

# At first I have no idea of the A-bomb. But the Terao Memoir taught me how horrible it is. On August 6th, Mr. Terao witnessed a blue-white glaring flash and pitch black smoke swirling high in the sky like a shaft. I can't imagine them, but I just feel how terrible they were. I was also surprised that, despite he was wrapped his head with bondage., he was not so noticeable when compared with other injured people. This makes me understand that so many people suffered from deadly pain. It is peaceful time now without the actual horror of A-bomb. I hope it must be wiped out thoroughly from the world. (Emiko)

# My first impression of an A-bomb is "horrible." By reading the Memoir, I was shocked that houses were completely wiped out from the surface of the earth by the blast. I knew in my head that A-bomb is something terrible, but have never realized the terror of it. I wondered in what feeling Mr. Takeharu Terao spoke out about his experience. If I were he, I would have been reluctant to write. I suppose he was actually in the same feeling as me. I think he still have hoped to let many people know how war was "horrible." (Yoshie)

# What I felt by reading the Memoir is I can share the feeling with him that if I actually witnessed the scene, I wouldn't have talked about it to others. (Toshiki)

# If I were in there at the moment, I would have lost my friends and cried. I think I can understand the feeling a person who lost his or her friends. But please survive strongly from now on. I will make my friends valuable. In the last, "Fight." (Kazufumi)

# I have been thinking that A-bomb is not so terrible matter. But I have realized today the real horror of A-bomb. If a war like that breaks out in this time, Japan would become hell and be incinerated throughout the country without fail. I hope war will never break out again. (Chiaki)

# I was really relieved to find the survivors. Those people teach others about the horror of A-bomb and we can learn the tragedy like this way. But it is Japan that started the war. So we can not blame America. Please make efforts not to repeat the tragedy like this. (Ryou)

# I felt America was mean because they bombed again at about 3 a.m. August 7th, the very midnight they had dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima. (Masatoshi)

# I think A-bomb is really horrible. Just one blast can kill tens of thousands people.... I believe that war must be forbidden. The victims must have cried in vain, "Help me...", "Ache, ache...." No answer, no help came in the cold rain, until they die in agony and sadness. If I were among them, I also would have died in great sadness. (Miho)

# After I read the Memoir, I really felt the horror of the A-bomb. I was surprised to know that the floor on which Mr. Terao stood was destroyed even it was far from the blast center. I feel disgusted to learn that many people were killed by the A-bomb. I felt Mr. Terao survived a hard time. (Maiko)

# When I read "The verse of Hiroshima", I didn't actually feel the terror. This is because I couldn't understand the fact. But when I read the Memoir, I realized it was actually happened in Hiroshima and felt a cold shiver run down my spine. I hope such a shiver never run again in my body. (Ayumi)

# "The verse of Hiroshima" and "The Terao Memoir" teach me how absurd war is. I really feel the tragedy because just single A-bomb kills millions of people. It is so terrible that I have to call it too foolish. I hope the world peace will come soon. (Mai N)

# I finally thought the war is dreadful anyway. (Tsubasa)

# I felt like this: It is so sad that just single A-bomb wiped out millions people's lives momentarily. Mr. Terao was still happy because he just got a relatively light injury on his right eyelid. I realized so many victims were crying and dying for a long time in the cold rain calling for help, "Ache...", "Water, water..." But nobody came before they die. I can't imagine their agony. (Yumi)

# As the war was so terrible that Mr. Terao didn't want to release, I felt we shouldn't repeat the tragedy in our days. I am very sorry that ordinary people were killed by the A-bomb in the miserable war. (Hayase)

# I felt it was so terrible to be accustomed to air-raid alarms. And the description that houses were lifted for a moment and crushed down by the blast made me feel cold shivering. It is also horrible to read that rain can kill people. I am very sorry that victims were dying in unimaginable agony. (Rie)

# Just single A-bomb can give damage, agonize, and kill tens of thousands people. This is rearry a terrible story.. I am happy that I wasn't born in that time when the A-bomb was dropped. (Kenta)

# What I thought about the A-bomb was Mr. Terao himself didn't feel any ache when he was told from his friend that "Your right eye has been damaged." It was so terrible to be told like that way. (Jun)

# The single A-bomb vanished many people's lives not only at that moment, but also still are requesting additional lives well after 50 years in Hiroshima. I have learned it is a terrible weapon, indeed. (Yuusuke)

# I have never realized the horror of an A-bomb. I finally think that war is cruel.(Hiroto)

# What I thought first after reading the Memoir is, I am so happy that I wasn't there at that moment. Next I recalled what my teacher said that A-bombs were dropped only on Japan. I thought that was because Japan had been so strong. I was surprised the strength of the A-bomb by reading the Memoir and felt Mr. Terao finally survived. (Tatsuya)

# When I read the lines describing "I first realized the terror of it when I felt the blast", I also was shocked. I wondered "Why the blast? If there were no blast, no one was killed and lived in peace every day." (Eri)

# I thought it is very sad that many people were killed by just single A-bomb. I thought people in the world could have become more friendly.

# Just a small bomb the size of 1 meter killed tens of thousands people who died slowly in agony. This fact made me shivering. Mr. Terao was still happy because he had a slight injury on his right eyelid. (Yousuke)

Above messages were written by our school children in last September. After that, we started a learning about "15 years war" in our social study course. "A Personal Record of Hiroshima A-bomb Survival" has surely taught us the fact that there was a war in Japan and it was very useful in our study.
The older sister of my husband's mother was killed in Sendai air-raid in her young days. She was drowned in Hirose river, seeking for water.

Hot August 6th comes soon. Sendai's Star Festival starts on that day.
I would like tell you that many Senbazurus (One thousand folded paper cranes on a string) are decorated each year on which you can read: "We shall never repeat Hiroshima and Nagasaki."
I also strongly wish that our pray for world peace will be answered all around the world through the Internet.

Thank you very much.

Junko Yamasaki

The fourth grade pupils of Higashi Itou Municipal Elementary School
The sixth grade pupils of Mourai elementary school in Hokkaido Island