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All the messages sent to this site, "A personal record of Hiroshima A-bomb survival" by the late Mr. Takeharu Terao, are published on the web after getting the permission of the authors.
The site is not designed to discuss our perceptions of history or to argue about peace, but to offer the building blocks for thinking about peace, upon reading the responses to the Memoir.

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1997 (No.2)
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Impressions of the pupils on "The Terao memoir" No.1
The sixth grade pupils of Taihaku Sendai Municipal Elementary School

Impressions of the pupils on "The Terao memoir" No.2
The fourth grade pupils of Higashi Itou Municipal Elementary School

Impressions of the pupils on "The Terao memoir" No.3
The sixth grade pupils of Atta village-run Mourai elementary school in Hokkaido Island

Impressions of students on "The Terao memoir
Sohou Taketa municipal junior high school

Born and bred in HIROSHIMA
Look back my birthplace HIROSHIMA from apart

Yuki Furusho Oita,Japan 4 August,1999

A-bomb and I
Playing A-bomb survival in the performance
Naoko Hashimoto Shizuoka,Japan 18 April,1999

Hiroshima,Nagasaki and Korea
Chika Sekine Kanagawa,Japan 18 April,1999

An E-mail from Prof. Sunghee Lee,South Korea
English Department of Changshin College Masan, South Korea

By Reading my Uncle's Memoir
Mari Terao, 6 August, 1997

My grandfather's experience of A-bomb
Kanae Ichinose, 1 June, 1998
A message was sent from Ms.Kanae Ichinose through the E-mail.
She describes about her grandfather's experience of exposure to the A-bomb.