Impressions of the students on "The Terao memoir"

The second grade students of Sohou municipal junior high school
(Taketa City, Oita prefecture, Japan)

In Sohou municipal junior high school (Taketa City, Oita prefecture, Japan) held a "Peace Meeting" on August 6. An A-bomb survivor in Nagasaki was invited to tell the experience to the students.
After the meeting, the second grade students read through The Terao Memoir and wrote their impressions of it. They have learned the importance of hand down the Memoir.

Their impressions:

Eri Kurahashi:
The Memoir was really raw and terrible. I felt as if I were in Hiroshima on August 6 of 56 years ago.

Ryousuke Yoshikawa:
By reading the record of Mr. Terao, I hope that our country will become a real peaceful country we can boast of. My chest is filled with the wish not to repeat a war.

Mana Kourogi:
I can't realize the terror of a war. The only thing I can understand is that nuclear wars should never be done. I also hope that the world must become peaceful and happy world in which nobody suffers from the agony.

Mika Kawano:
A-bomb memory must be a disgusting memory for Mr. Terao. As the people had never seen such a bomb,it was much more terrible to them. I felt such a thing shouldn't repeated.

Yuuta Hirose:

Mr. Terao ventured to record his hard memory he had wanted to erase from his brain. We have seriously think why he did so.

Yuuki Tahara:
We have heard an actual experience of a Hibakusha in the school. We could hear the raw voice on the terrible destructive power and devastating scene.

Yousuke Watanabe:
I studied the information on A-bomb in advance of the Peace Meeting. The raw story of a survivor made me understand very much. I felt that it was important to hear the experience of a survivor.

Koushi Aramaki:
I hate to call back what I heard in the Peace Meeting. I didn't know what had happened long time ago. When I have learned what was it, a terrible memory was printed in my brain. I don't like to experience such a thing again.

Kasumi Sada:
The Terao Memoir was deeply engraved on my mind

Maki Shigeishi:
The Terao Memoir taught me how human being is fragile and how human could become cruel. The first step to eliminate such a tragedy is to learn about the actual terror of A-bomb and its sad and merciless aftereffects.

Nozomi Adachi:
If I were exposed to the radiation, I would also wish to erase its memory. Just hearing the experience of a Hibakusha is not enough to realize their actual feelings and hard memories. As I didn't experience it, I feel something lonely when I hear the story. This is because hundreds of thousands people were killed by an A-bomb.

Ayumi Furusawa:
I think there are so many people in the world who don't know the actual terror of A-bomb. So I hope it should be published worldwide through the
Internet or other measures. Then all the people on the globe can realize the terror of war.

Kisaki Ayumi:
I felt really terrible by reading the Terao Memoir.I also learned that the blast had an enormous power to blow apart the buildings. I felt if my house was crushed away, I would feel very sad.

Youko Hongou:
We had a Peace Meeting in the school. I have heard it many times since I was a grade pupil. Every Peace Meeting teaches me something new. I felt A-bomb is really terrible.

Kumiko Sada:
The Meeting taught me many things in detail. I felt it was vary hard to be starved.

Chiharu Anan:
Mr. Terao got injured on his eyes in a moment by scatter broken pieces of glass. It must have been very horrible for him. He was still lucky, however.Other victims who got burned were really miserable,I think. The Terao Memoir reminds me vividly of the blasting color of the A-bomb and what he felt by witnessing it. I felt very horrible.

I am a teacher of Sohou junior high school, a small school with 48 students. I am in charge of the second grade consisting of16 students. It was my turn to manage the "Whole school Peace Meeting" this year, and Tetsuya Shiga took part in it for the second grade's meeting.

We can't do difficult or big things, but what we can do is to think about "Peace" by our own brains.

On August 6, the students listened to an A-bomb survivor's talk and read the Terao Memoir. They seem to feel "something." I hope their impressions will help people ponder on "Peace" on someday somewhere.

Yoshiko Katsumata

The sixth grade pupils of Taihaku Sendai Municipal Elementary School
The fourth grade pupils of Higashi Itou Municipal Elementary School
The sixth grade pupils of Mourai elementary school in Hokkaido Island